Essential Support Products for Underground Coal Operations

New or Rebuilt Equipment, Outstanding Service, Support and Parts

The Matrix Equipment Division distributes and manufactures a variety of coal mine-essential support products. Matrix offers new or rebuilt equipment, outstanding service, support and parts.

Typhoon 1000-LB Duster


  • Typhoon Electric Trickle Duster
    – 1,000 lb. Capacity
  • Flinger
    – Pull Behind Electric Beltline
    – Hydraulic Bucket
  • Scoop Flinger
  • Pressurized Pod Duster
  • Bantam Duster
Wet dusting for coal mines

Bantam Duster

This first-of-its-kind pull-behind battery-powered duster provides operators with many options over hand dusting. Pull the duster behind a rubber tire ride to blanket dust belt drives, take ups, under belt lines and across areas not easily accessible for hand dusting.

  • 150 lb. hopper standard, Optional 400 lb. hopper
  • 36-volt, 5 HP motor with direct driven blower and belt-driven auger

  • Dusts up to 200’ with 2” hose

Wet dusting for coal mines

Wet Duster

The WD300 wet duster is carried in a scoop bucket and powered by the scoop hydraulic PTO.

Wet rock dusting allows operators to dust on-shift with workers inby, reducing the hazards associated with respirable dust.

The WD300 is user-friendly and does a GREAT job!

  • 300-gallon hopper with in-tank mixers
  • Slurry pump is powered by a hydraulic motor that transfers slurry through a spray wand

  • Easy access for mixing and clean-out
  • Dimensions: 78”W x 84” L x 28” H
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Rock Dust

Matrix rock dust bins are available in 50 – 150 ton capacity. Rock dust can be discharged to the surface or through a borehole to various types of rock dusting equipment.

  • Portable units in 50 – 75 ton
  • Stationary units in 100 – 150 ton
  • 480 – 575 volt blower or compressor package power unit
  • Bin can be easily filled from a bulk tanker truck
  • Operator controls allow batch filling up to 1-ton per minute
  • Electronic weighing systems can be installed
  • Bins can be vented to the atmosphere or through a cyclone collector
Life Chamber_Web

Refuge Shelter

  • LifeShelters
    – Patented “Bottles Off” design
    – MSHA-approved
    – Supplies

Dozer Kit

  • 6 hours of emergency oxygen and CO2 scrubbing
  • MSHA-approved

Roof Bolter

ATRS Roof Strap Holder
Adapter Kit for Roof Bolters


WD300 Wet Duster

Rebuilt Dual-Auger Pull Behind Duster



Rebuilt 35-Year-Old
West Virginia Armature Mantrip

The Matrix Equipment Group fully rebuilt
this old workhorse and now
it’s ready to move miners again.