Newburgh, IN – Matrix has announced a new-tech mine lighting product, UVision, which combines LED and safe spectrum UV for the first time in a mine lighting system.

This patentpending technology not only delivers 50% brighter LED light, the UV illuminates reflective materials on clothing, helmets, machinery, storage boxes, cablesand other marked mine items to make them pop out. This higher visibility can dramatically improve safety. Reflective materials were designed to be seen with standard mine lights, but until UVision, nothing had been developed to make them truly stand out – like a black light illuminates fluorescent paint. When an equipment operator comes around a corner, UVision lights up the environment, allowing the operator more time to react to a possible collision.Many MSHA-documented injuries and fatalities over the last few years have resulted from impaired driver vision, providing a clear case for better mine lighting. Mines also spend precious resources replacing equipment, supplies and cables because of unnecessary impact or damage.

When miners see better and have more time to respond, they can avoid the accidents that cause down-time and decrease productivity. Better lighting drives bottom-line results. The lights fit current round enclosures, making staff retraining and equipment restockingunnecessary. Moreover, UVision offers all these elements for about the same cost as traditional LED lights.

UVision, which can switch from headlight to taillight, is available in XP or non-XP. While the lights can fit current enclosures, Matrix also offers its own XP enclosures. Matrix is a safety and productivity technology leader for underground mining and industrial applications. Its innovative product line includes systems for proximity detection, communications and tracking, atmospheric monitoring, lighting and cameras. Headquartered in Newburgh, Indiana, Matrix has offices in Lexington, KY, Johannesburg, South Africa and service 3299 Tower Drive, Newburgh, IN 47630 | 812-490-1525 | 812-490-1582 (fax) |

Locations throughout its mining regions. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners, L.P., the leading low-cost underground coal producer in the Eastern US. This relationship gives Matrix ongoing access to mines for product testing and improvement. Matrix is also an ISO 9001 certified supplier, which ensures a quality product and high level of service from an outstanding field service team.

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UVision Dual-Spectrum Lighting

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