Matrix has a highly experienced field service team that supports what we sell at your mine or job site. Our services include product installation, repair and problem solving.

Matrix is also the industry leader in engineering and technical support.


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A well-trained miner is a safer miner!

Matrix understands the need for production efficiency and up-time. The better trained operations personnel are, the faster they can troubleshoot a problem and be back in production after an operational pause.

To support these efforts, Matrix has designed multi-level training courses for all of our products. From equipment operator to maintenance and safety personnel, Matrix provides thorough, specific training to suit any interaction level an operation might require.

If you would like to ensure your personnel are comfortable and confident working on Matrix equipment, please contact us.

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Applications Engineering Group

Adding or adapting new types of safety technology to an existing industrial environment can be challenging. The Matrix Application Engineering Group works with customers to assure our products will function seamlessly within their existing technology set-up and operating environment.

The group operates in a holistic mode, utilizing strategies that promote a group approach for the deployment, process, and data functionality needs of the enterprise.

Each operation presents unique challenges. The Matrix Application Engineering Group’s goal is to learn, consult and overcome all hurdles to deliver products and services which raise your safety factor and maintain productivity.