Since 2008, Matrix has been the industry leader in innovative operator awareness systems that enhance worker safety without sacrificing productivity. The IntelliZone® proximity detection system is the #1 prox technology in North American underground mines. Our latest collision avoidance system, OmniPro® Vision AI, uses award-winning Visual Artificial Intelligence to detect workers in the vehicle’s travel path and alerts the operator of their presence.

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Proximity Detection System

The Matrix IntelliZone proximity detection system allows users to create shaped, customized Caution, Shutdown and Operator Zones around any mobile equipment. Designed for use in underground mines, IntelliZone technology detects workers in low-visibility or obscured line-of-sight locations while allowing the operator to work in a safer location. Machine integration slows or stops the equipment’s movement when workers enter the Caution or Shutdown zones. The new Enhanced IntelliZone for mobile haulage adds additional visual and audible alerts to help keep support workers safer.

• Workers are required to wear a locator device

• Top selling prox system in North America

• MSHA & IECx approved


OmniPro® Vision AI
Collision Avoidance System

OmniPro is a camera-based collision avoidance system that uses Visual Artificial Intelligence to detect people and objects, such as stop signs, within a mobile equipment unit’s projected travel path and alerts the operator of their presence. Programmable alert zones allow the user to match their operating environment, and machine intergration can be incorporated to slow or stop the vehicle.

Designed for open-space industrial environments, OmniPro can operate ip to four cameras for complete blind-spot coverage.

• No personal locator or tag is required

• Plug and play design for easy installation & operation

• Record and snapshots zone breach incidents