IntelliZone® Proximity Detection System

For Underground Metal / Non-Metal Mining

The Matrix IntelliZone® proximity detection system allows users to create shaped, customized Caution, Shutdown and Operator Zones around all mobile equipment. IntelliZone technology detects workers in low-visibility or obscured line-of-sight locations. Zones automatically extend or contract based on mobile equipment speed.

Unlike bubble-zone systems, IntelliZone’s patented shaped zone technology minimizes nuisance alerts without impacting production. All components of the Matrix IntelliZone system are extremely durable, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

  • Shaped, dynamic zones for precise worker location
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • For all section mobile equipment and light-duty vehicles
  • Proven in U.S. and South African mines
  • Robust and compact locators
  • MSHA, SANS 60079-0/1/11/18 and IECEx approved

IntelliZone System Overview

The IntelliZone system ships with the following components. Older systems do not include the Machine-Mounted Locator (MML) and Enhanced Status Screen which provide advanced system diagnostics. These are easy to add to existing systems.

  1. Locator
  2. Driver
  3. Machine-Mounted Locator (MML)
  4. Controller
  5. Power Supply
  6. Splitter
  7. Dome Antenna
  8. Half-Wave Antenna
  9. Enhanced Status Screen
IntelliZone Overview
SHuttle Zone_ POTASH_2_web

SharpZoneTM  Technology for Precise Programmable Awareness Zones

Matrix’s leading-edge SharpZone technology creates equipment-specific straight line and angled safety areas for the most effective Caution and Shutdown zones. These zones help protect miners from mobile equipment injuries and minimize nuisance warningsor shutdown. For example:

  • Mobile haulage awareness zones vary based
    on speed and direction of travel. Higher speed
    means longer forward zones to allow for higher stoppage time.
    Mobile haulage awareness zones can “see” through curtains to help avoid worker collisions.
  • Zones around CM tail automatically shrink in
    cutting mode and expand while tramming.
  • Customized “green” zones can be generated within the awareness zones to allow operators to stand, kneel or, if appropriate, ride in safe locations
    without setting off a zone alert.

Forward Zones Extend as Speed Increases

As shuttle car or loader speed increases, the zones increase in length to
accommodate the longer required stopping time.The zones can “see”
through barrier curtains,which helps protect workers.