IntelliZone Locator Test Station and Controller Software Update Available – Mandatory Update


Bulletin No: MISB20210512
Date Issued: May 12, 2021
Product: IntelliZone Proximity Detection Systems

The purpose of this Service Bulletin is to inform customers of the availability of a Locator Test Station software update and a controller software update for IntelliZone systems. The software updates contain support for additional devices, the newly-released & expanded on-machine diagnostic status screen, and logging updates. This is a mandatory update update that must be performed prior to October 1, 2021. IntelliZone systems on prior controller software following that date will no longer be supported.

This information should be distributed as soon as possible to all personnel who operate the equipment, service it, or work in its immediate vicinity.

The Locator Test Station (P/N: 10002753) update, Version, provides support for upcoming locators with expanded addressing.
1. Without this update, future Locators will be incompatible with current Locator Test Stations.
2. Future locators require this Locator Test Station software update to be MSHA compliant for pre-shift testing and records requirements, per 30 CFR 75.1732 (c) (2) and (d) (2).

The IntelliZone controller (P/N: 10001711) software update, Version, provides system enhancements for the following:
1. Updates to provide support for additional devices, including the previously-released Machine Mounted Locator (MML) for real-time system diagnostics, and the recently-released, multiple-page, on-machine status screen (P/N: 10005837), intended to facilitate quicker diagnostics and lower downtime.
2. Enhanced logging for diagnostics, including logging format, timing, and write verification.
3. Updated device address formatting to permit compatibility with future releases of IntelliZone (Personal Wearable Device, PWD) Locators and other minor updates. Without this update, future Locators may be incompatible with current controllers.
4. Reporting software to provide customers a tool to help identify patterns of potential Locator misuse. Refer to previous Matrix IntelliZone Safety Notice MISN20170217 for general locator usage and placement recommendations for the MX3-IZ (IntelliZone) Locator.
5. IntelliView software has also been updated to work with the updated controller software. Customers with service kit should contact Matrix for coordinating upgrades.

These software updates are available at no charge and can be completed when a Matrix representative is onsite for another reason at no additional charge, but if a service call is necessary, standard service rates may apply. Please contact your Matrix representative with any questions regarding this information and scheduling.

Please download and read the complete Matrix IntelliZone Service Bulletin.

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