The Matrix NLT N-Connex network is a simple, high-speed network designed for harsh environments such as underground metal/non-metal mines, tunnels, prep-plants and other heavy industries.
N-Connex is fast. It delivers gigabit data throughput speed. Run all the data through it you want – including teleops, autonomous vehicles and video.

N-Connex is easy to maintain. If a module fails, you can plug in a spare to minimize downtime and do this with existing personnel. N-Connex is easy to expand and repair, and offers a lower total cost of ownership to operators.

N-Connex is fully compatible with 802.3 and 802.11 Ethernet and Wi-Fi devices for voice, tracking, atmospheric monitoring (AMS), data and video systems. Wi-Fi solutions include voice and data support for private calls, PTT broadcasts, tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Matrix is an authorized sales and service distributor of NLT N-Connex in the United States and Africa.

  • Plug n’ play high-speed modular network
  • Supports all Wi-Fi and Ethernet devices
  • Install only the modules & services you need
  • Voice, tracking, atmospheric monitoring (AMS), data and video systems
  • Easy to update and expand
  • Lower total cost of ownership


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