Matrix Design Group Introduces OmniPro® Collision Avoidance System with Visual Artificial Intelligence

Matrix Design Group Introduces OmniPro® Collision Avoidance System with
Visual Artificial Intelligence

NEWBURGH, IN. May 8, 2021 – Matrix Design Group, a leading provider of technology for mining and industrial safety and productivity, has introduced its new collision avoidance system for facilities, OmniPro®. This innovative application of Visual Artificial Intelligence (Visual AI) enables line-of travel, crosswalk and blind-spot pedestrian and vehicle alerting that can be adapted to any industrial setting. Consisting of up-to-three 120° field-of-view cameras, the OmniPro system works without personal wearable devices or tags. OmniPro not only “sees” and identifies people and hazards, alerting with visual and/or audible alerts, it also photographs and reports on breaches. Matrix’s OmniPro MAX (now going to market as OmniPro 2.0), an application of this technology for the mining industry, received the 2020 NIOSH Technology Innovations Award.

“Today, company leaders recognize that prevention is the most effective strategy to combat the high human and financial costs of facility accidents,” said David Clardy, President of Matrix Design Group. “Those investing in safety will see OmniPro’s Visual AI system as an indispensable tool, not only in helping protect workers and equipment but also for supporting Near-Miss Reporting Programs and other safety initiatives.”

Through its Visual AI object recognition technology, OmniPro has been taught to identify and report on a library of “objects,” including people, forklifts, cars, stop signs and pedestrian signs. The user can select what will be included and whether the alert will be visual or audible, which is programmable to any audio sound desired. Additionally, depending on the facility’s needs, OmniPro’s wireless solution can trigger a stop sign, pedestrian light, voice alert or crossing arm. All breaches are photographed with timestamped images and logged in reports. OmniPro’s customizable solution can be adapted to match any operating environment through its programmable field-of-view zone grid configuration tool, which enables it to meet the safety requirements of different industries.

“OmniPro is effective on many levels,” said Brian Jones, Vice President of Business Development. “Our customers have told us it brings awareness to workers and helps them feel the company is investing in their safety. OmniPro’s photos and reports can be an important piece of an integrated safety system, where incidents are recorded and reviewed and provide insights for additional safety training as needed.”

For more information, visit the OmniPro page.

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