V.A.I.-Based People & Object Collision Avoidance Safety System

For Forklifts & All Other Mobile Equipment - No Tags Required


OmniPro® is a camera safety system that uses Visual Artificial Intelligence (V.A.I.) to detect people, vehicles and objects, such as stop signs, within the projected travel path of mobile equipment and alerts the operator to their presence.

    • Alerts, takes photos and reports on zone breaches; photos are recorded, timestamped and stored the USB flash drive included in each camera unit.
    • No personal wearable device or tags required.
    • Optimized for minimal nuisance alerts.
    • Has a 120° field-of-view per camera and can operate up to three cameras.
    • Field-of-view zone grid configuration tool allows programmable alert zones that can be adapted to the operating environment.
    • Utilizes audio or visual alerting. Screen monitor also available.
    • Rugged design for longer life in high-vibration industrial environments.


    • Person
    • Truck
    • Car
    • Forklift
    • Stop Sign
    • Pedestrian Sign

Equipment operators can select any or all of these items to better match their safety needs and operating conditions.

No personal device or tag
required to be “seen”
by OmniPro!

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Intersection Control

At high-traffic warehouse intersections, where mobile equipment and people are crossing common aisles, OmniPro’s Intersection Control System can help reduce potential accidents.

Intersection Control_2
OmniPro detects workers and alerts operator


  • Plug-and-play design for easy installation, set-up and operation.
  • Programmable alert zones match your operating environment.
  • In two-camera systems, OmniPro will auto-switch to only monitor the vehicle’s direction of travel (reduces nuisance warnings).
  • Operates as an independent warning system or can be machine integrated.
  • Workers do not wear a personal location device.

OmniPro for Mining Operations

OmniPro can be installed on any make, model or size of mobile equipment