Let Matrix Install & Support a Single Network or Hybrid Solution to Make Your Mine Safer and More Productive


A high-speed modular network with a fiber-optic backbone. Wi-Fi comunciations, tracking, AMS and all the throughput you need for your data-hungry applicaations. Ideal for underground metal / non-metal mines, tunnels, prep plants and other heavy industries.

NLT N-Connex

Maestro Plexus PowerNet

A gigabit coaxial cable-based network that delivers data and power to your mine. Wi-Fi voice communications and enabled devices. Simple to adapt into an existing network structure. Outstanding atmospheric monitoring sensors. Best of all, easy to install and maintain!

Maestro Plexus Powernet

Icom IP Advanced Radio Systems

If your operation has an existing Wi-Fi-enabled network, Matrix has an easy, low-cost way to add individual, group or area voice communications through VoIP or RoIP handsets.

Icom Radios

Powerline Module (PLM)

Enables strong, secure data communications between a range of devices over trailing power cables. Provides ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot at the working face and to stream real-time machine operation data.

Powerline Module (PLM)

Air Quality Monitoring

Accurately monitors, in real time, your mine’s environmental conditions. In the United Sates, Matrix can consult, install and service these versatile air monitoring systems.

Air Quality Monitoring

METS 2.1

The Matrix METS 2.1 System is a wireless text communications, electronic tracking and atmospheric monitoring system designed for use in coal mines. The system is designed is specifically for survivability and reliable post-accident use.

METS 2.1