In recent years, powered haulage equipment and machinery has been the leading cause of serious and fatal mine accidents. In 2023, the mining industry lost 40 miners, with  accidents classified as machinery (16) and powered haulage (10) being targeted as the primary causes.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is requiring mine operators to develop, implement and update (periodically or when necessary) a written safety program for surface mobile equipment at surface mines and surface areas of underground mines.

The written safety program must include actions the mine operators will take to identify hazards and risks to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities related to surface mobile equipment.

When Vehicles Collide, There Are No Positive Outcomes

large vehicle vs van1

When large mining equipment and conventional vehicles collide, the mining equipment will come out on top every time. This van was out of the hauler operator’s line of site and is the type of incident MSHA’s Powered Haulage & Equipment Program is targeting.

OmniPro Vision AI is an easy-to-deploy safety plan solution for pedestrian and vehicle blind spot alerting.

Haul truck in a Coppermine.

OmniPro Vision AI is an easy-to-deploy safety plan solution for pedestrian and vehicle blind spot alerting

A single OmniPro system can operate up to 4 cameras, and each camera can generate up to 5 customized alert zones.

OmniPro Vision AI System Features

  • State-of-the-art, NIOSH award-winning Visual A.I. technology
  • The most intelligent, powerful collision avoidance system available
  • Compact size with powerful computing
  • Rugged and water/weather resistant
  • Optimized for alerting accuracy
  • Cloud Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Cellular LTE, Bluetooth and GPS)
  • Custom zone set-up – easily customized for each facility
  • No tags are required for people or equipment
  • Optional display for cab
  • Customized continuous system improvement is available

Accurate, high-speed detection of people and vehicles

  • Fast identification rate and computing system
  • High speed in-bound image processing rate
  • Optimized for alerting accuracy
  • Custom zone set-ups (each camera can generate up to five zones) to match facility needs

Innovative, compact cameras and processing hub
with powerful new features:

  • Each camera can generate up to five fully customizable alert zones that can apply to different objects and perform various actions
  • Alerts on pedestrians, vehicles and key objects – no tags required
  • Cloud Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Cellular LTE, Bluetooth and GPS) provides data access and decision intelligence reports
OmniPro Camera 1_24_Smaller Cop

Rugged, Compact Camera
5″ T x 2.75″ W x 1.76″ D

Other Matrix Surface Mining Safety Ideas

Bull Dozer for Kit Pic

Dozer Kits

In the event of a cave in, the Matrix Dozer Kit system provides 6 hours of oxygen
and carbon dioxide scrubbing plus other life-sustaining
features inside the dozer cab.

LED Lights on Hauler

Mining-Grade LED Lights

Good lighting is a requirement for safe nighttime or low-light operating environments. Matrix has a cost-effective lighting solution for converting mobile equipment to bright, clean mining-grade LED lighting.