Secure Data Communications Using Trailing Power Cables

Create a Wi-Fi hotspot at the working face. Stream real-time machine operations data.

PLM Handout Cover

The Matrix PowerLine Module (PLM) enables strong, secure communications between a range of devices over trailing power cables. As real-time data processing continues to enable productivity gains throughout the mining industry, maximizing productivity insights, data gathering, and communications with underground equipment is more important than ever.

The Matrix PLM is easy to install and integrate into your system, where it will help you gather vital data that can improve mining performance and safety.

Put the PLM to work on continuous miners, shuttle cars, roof bolters, feeders and longwall systems.


  • Machine Productivity
  • Proximity Detection
  • Methane Monitoring
  • Live Video
  • Voice and Text Communications


MX3-IZ Driver


MX3-IZ Driver

HV Coupler

High voltage power adapter for voltages
up to 8KV DC or 5KV AC

MX3-IZ Driver

Status Display

Provides user-critical feedback on operation
of Powerline Module

MX3-IZ Driver


Powerline Module and accessories available in
XPE-3 explosion-proof container-mounted assembly.