OH&S Webinar Focused on Real Time Data and A.I. Boosting Facility Safety Features Brian Jones

On May 24, Brian Jones, Matrix’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, hosted a free Occupational Safety & Health Webinar on how data and A.I. are elevating facility safety. The webinar, titled Real Time Data and A.I. – How Collision Avoidance Taps New Tech to Boost Facility Safety, had excellent attendance and received high marks from participants for content and relevancy.

To watch the webinar, click here.

Webinar Topic Summary:

When facility and safety management personnel have access to detailed collision avoidance data and photos showing what is happening in their facility in real-time, they are able to take effective action that allows the mobile equipment operator, pedestrians and the facility to be as safe as possible. Using an innovative application of Visual Artificial Intelligence (V.A.I.), the OmniPro collision avoidance system gives warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants the ability to log and analyze a wide range of data related to zone breach notifications. This information can provide critical insights about hazardous areas and ultimately serve as a basis for improving facility safety, including adjusting workflows, improving layouts and identifying need for additional training.

OmniPro enables line-of-travel, crosswalk and blind-spot pedestrian and vehicle alerting for mobile equipment. This award-winning system, which works without personal wearable devices or tags, not only “sees” and identifies people and hazards, alerting with visual and/or audible alerts, it also photographs and reports on zone breaches. By utilizing its new data-rich cloud application, facilities can tap into the latest technology to improve safety.

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