IntelliZone Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Matrix Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary of IntelliZone’s Ultra-Precision Proximity Detection System with Introduction of New Accessories

NEWBURGH, IN. April 26, 2019 – Matrix Design Group has announced that it will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its IntelliZone Proximity Detection System with the introduction of a new accessories suite. On April 29, 2009, the company’s engineers filed for a patent for IntelliZone’s proprietary technology, which offers ultra-precision tracking and the ability to define customized sharped zones around each machine. Never before had X, Y tracking or dynamic zone changes, based on machine speed and direction, been available on MSHA-approved proximity detection equipment. After a decade of technological innovation, this revolutionary system is now introducing new features that enable more advanced diagnostics, electronic noise reduction and extended detection.

The new suite of accessories includes a Machine Mounted Locator, which now enables driver signal diagnostics and articulated machine angle detection, and a Capacitor Filter, which offers EMI noise filter reduction on tram motor contactor phase leads. Additionally, a Water Hose Isolation Filter helps with EMI noise control, which can reduce nuisance trips. Matrix also will soon be releasing a Status Screen that provides detailed on-board diagnostics, critical for quick troubleshooting and maintenance, and a new longer-range driver.

Today, IntelliZone is the #1 proximity detection system in the U.S. Also sold in South Africa and Australia, it recently acquired IECEx global certification, and Matrix is exploring new markets for the system worldwide. IntelliZone’s components, durability and reliability provide the lowest cost of ownership in underground mine proximity detection.

For more information on IntelliZone, contact or 812-490-1525.

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