Brian Jones and Derrick Bennett to Speak on Pedestrian Collision Avoidance & Safety at MODEX 2024

Brian Jones and Derrick Bennett to speak on Pedestrian Collision Avoidance & Safety at MODEX 2024

As workers and machinery increasingly interact in the material handling world, the risk of pedestrian collisions and SIFs (serious injury or fatality) have become a critical concern for safety departments. Brian Jones, Matrix VP of Sales, Marketing & Business Development and Derrick Bennett, Product Manager will discuss the development and implementation of advanced collision avoidance technologies.

These systems use sophisticated cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and mitigate potential collisions between pedestrians and mobile equipment like forklifts. Their presentation discusses the effectiveness of such systems in preventing accidents and improving overall workplace safety. Additionally, this presentation highlights the potential for future advancements and integration of AI in refining pedestrian collision avoidance strategies.

Please join them on Tuesday, March 12 at 1:30 PM EST at the MODEX Transportation and Logistics Theater. 
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Matrix will be exhibiting OmniPro Vision AI at MODEX 2024 in Booth C4471.

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