Matrix Announces Distribution Partnership with Mirenco


NEWBURGH, IN. July 22, 2021 – Matrix Design Group, a leading provider of technology for mining and industrial safety and productivity, is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Mirenco, Inc. Founded in 1997, Mirenco’s core business is gathering and reporting accurate, real-world engine performance data that helps mining and industrial companies remotely monitor their combustion efficiencies which in return gives fuel savings, lower downtimes, prevents costly repairs in order to operate more productively.

Mirenco’s suite of data-gathering telematics products remotely monitors the DPF systems, the equipment production, the fuel usage, and air filter status. This, along with the company’s high level of engine expertise and detailed analysis reporting, differentiates it in the marketplace.

“Mirenco offers an array of telematic products that help mines manage their vehicles more efficiently through better, more proactive decision making,” says Brad Coats, Matrix’s Technical Sales Rep and Mine Networking Enthusiast. “Predictive analytics is one of the big keys to a more efficient operation, and Mirenco has all the tools and evaluation input needed to make that happen.”

The popular Mirenco Diesel Evaluation Program (MDEP) includes on-site exhaust testing, a five-gas analysis and DPM measurement. MDEP also provides the operator with extensive information about engine status, including air restrictions, injector timing, air/fuel ratio, turbocharger problems, valve lash, faulty injectors and faulty ECM (Engine Control Module) flash files.

Mirenco CEO Dwayne Fosseen says, “Getting data is relatively easy in today’s connected world but knowing what the data tells you about your fleet is where Mirenco stands apart. Planned, preventative maintenance is always more cost-effective than sudden downtime.”

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