Visual AI: How Collision Avoidance Taps New Tech to Boost Safety

Safety+Health Magazine Webinar to Feature Brian Jones & Derrick Bennett

When: 3/21/24 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CDT

Brian Jones, VP of Sales & Marketing, and Derrick Bennett, Product Manager, will share their thoughts on the current state of AI technology in the collision avoidance arena and where it’s all heading. Here is an overview of their discussion.

If you have an active warehouse or jobsite, the potential for collisions (vehicle vs. people and vehicle vs. vehicle) is high. Today, visual artificial intelligence is making warehouses, manufacturing plants, mines and construction sites safer by using the latest in AI modeling and cutting-edge hardware design. Visual AI can identify pedestrians, vehicles and other objects, alerting operators to their presence in time to avoid collisions.

Using an advanced application of this technology, the new OmniPro Vison AI enables line-of-travel, crosswalk and blind-spot alerting. This NIOSH-award-winning system works without personal wearable devices to “see” and identify people, vehicles, and hazards. OmniPro notifies both the operator and pedestrian via visual and/or audible alerts on the machine and reports on all zone breaches. These zones are highly customizable, enabling functionality on any mobile machine and in challenging operating environments.

Learn how visual AI can help increase workplace safety and reduce incidents in your operation.

By attending this webinar, you may be eligible to earn recertification points. Contact the Board of Certified Safety Professionals for more information.

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