DataSaint Mining ERP Company to be Acquired by Matrix Design Group

NEWBURGH, IN. September 10, 2021 – Matrix Design Group, LLC (“Matrix”), a leading technology solutions provider, today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire substantial assets of DataSaint (Pty) Ltd. (“DataSaint”), a leading mining ERP software company. Matrix will invest in DataSaint, adding analytics technology from its previous asset purchase of Vetinari Mining Services in 2019 and hardware solutions integration from its portfolio of leading-edge industrial solutions.

DataSaint delivers mission-critical, mining-oriented, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to mining and other process-oriented companies. DataSaint’s primary solution, DeltaERP, is a full function ERP solution, a best-practice foundation for business, operations and asset management in capital intensive industries such as mining and manufacturing. The success of these businesses depends on effective management and coordination of plant, equipment and human resources, all made easier by DeltaERP.

David Clardy, President of Matrix, said: “Integrated software and hardware solutions are one of Matrix’s highest-conviction investment themes and DataSaint has proven itself a clear leader in the fast-growing mining-ERP technology sector. The long-term nature of our partnership with DataSaint will allow us to invest substantially in innovation for its customers.” Stephen Redford, Managing Director of Matrix Analytics, added: “We are excited to be partnered with DataSaint, and look forward to working with Anton Ruthven, Fred Inggs & Wouter Retief, and DataSaint’s first-class team to accelerate growth and drive the company’s global expansion.”

Anton Ruthven, Director of DataSaint said, “As a market leader and innovator, DataSaint has a tremendous opportunity to further modernize diverse mining institutions globally, especially in North and South America. We look forward to partnering with Matrix to elevate the mining ERP experience, especially in the cloud, while improving outcomes for mining operations.”

Fred Inggs, Managing Director of DataSaint said, “We achieved our goal of attracting international interest in our company through ongoing performance, excellent products and sound management principles. We are excited for our products to be exposed to the international market and the diverse development opportunities that it will bring. We believe

that Matrix will accelerate our growth potential exponentially and contribute to a bright future for DataSaint and its employees.”

For more information on DataSaint and Delta ERP, click here.

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