Slide OmniPro Vision AI Collision WArning System ®

OmniPro Vision AI's award-winning Visual Artificial Intelligence technology helps with operator awareness of personnel and vehicles in blind spots through an optional in-cab monitor and audible/visible alarms.

When a one-second error can mean the difference between a near miss and a lost-time injury, you need the most advanced, accurate collision avoidance system working for your team.

OmniPro can be deployed as a Collision Warning System (CWS) or, with the machine integration option, as a Collision Avoidance System (CAS).

No tags are required for people or vehicles.


New Technology That Enhances Mine Safety.
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Accurate, high-speed detection of people and vehicles

  • Fast identification rate and computing system
  • High speed in-bound image processing rate
  • Optimized for alerting accuracy
  • Custom zone set-ups (each camera can generate up to five zones) to match facility needs

Innovative, compact cameras and processing hub
with powerful new features:

  • Each camera can generate up to five fully customizable alert zones that can apply to different objects and perform various actions
  • Alerts on pedestrians, vehicles and key objects - no tags required
  • Cloud Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Cellular LTE, Bluetooth and GPS) provides data access and decision intelligence reports

OmniPro Vision AI System Features

  • State-of-the-art, NIOSH award-winning Visual A.I. technology
  • The most intelligent, powerful collision avoidance system available
  • Compact size with powerful computing
  • Rugged and water/weather resistant
  • Optimized for alerting accuracy
  • Cloud Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Cellular LTE, Bluetooth and GPS)
  • Custom zone set-up – easily customized for each facility
  • No tags are required for people or equipment
  • Optional display for cab
  • Customized continuous system improvement is available
OmniPro Camera 1_24_Smaller Cop

Rugged, Compact Camera
5" T x 2.75" W x 1.76" D



OmniPro Vision AI's new cameras are compact and highly durable for harsh, high-vibration environments. Each camera can monitor up to five fully customized zones.

  • Compact design
  • Rugged and water/weather resistant
  • Each camera can generate up to five fully customizable alert zones that can apply to different objects and perform various actions
  • Time of Flight (ToF) sensor reports if a camera is blocked or obstructed
  • The ambient light sensor detects if the vehicle is in low-light conditions or if it transitions from light to darkness
  • Infrared (IR) Cut Filter for low-light support
  • Gorilla Glass lens cover


OmniPro Vision AI is powered by the Hub, a centralized networking device that serves as a point of connectivity for multiple devices. Each OmniPro Hub can operate up to four cameras.

  • Designed to minimize false positives and nuisance alerts
  • Can identify pedestrians in any posture, including standing sideways, crouching, kneeling and partial view, as well as people wearing PPE
  • The standard system can operate up to four cameras – an expansion port can be used for additional cameras
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Mobile or fixed cameras: intersection control, safety doors, pedestrian access
  • Multiple I/O connections – five digital inputs and five relay outputs
  • Wide operating Voltage of 9-48 VDC
  • Cameras auto-switch to monitor the direction of travel
  • Simple plug-and-play set-up and troubleshooting
  • Built-in web UI interface eliminates the need for software on local laptops/PCs and provides a single configuration point of  all connected devices
  • Easily integrates with most OEMs
  • Low maintenance with wireless future upgrades
  • Advanced system architecture accommodates future sensors and devices


OmniPro Vision AI's InFocus cloud-based software is an application that provides 24/7 access to software tools and a dashboard with real-time metrics and analytics.

  • Records and stores zone breach incidents with photo and time-stamp
  • Pre-event and post-event image capture capabilities – configurable up to five seconds before and five seconds after an event
  • Analytics suite, featuring images, events and fleet management
  • Provides real-time, full-data capture with analysis: average daily breaches per machine; trending breaches over time; event graphs
  • Users can access data on site or remotely 24/7
  • Blurred faces optional
  • Data can be accessed on the system locally, over Wi-Fi or remote through the cellular cloud
  • 30 days of recording minimum
  • Cloud system with premier decision intelligence can report:
    • Near misses
    • Patterns, such as a zone breach, increases first thing in the morning and at lunchtime
    • Most dangerous times, locations
    • Safest – and least safe - drivers

OmniPro inFocus Cloud Reporting System

OmniPro Mining Clound Example Screen

A web-based application that provides 24/7 access to software tools, e.g., dashboard, with real-time metrics and analytics for the OmniPro A.I. Collision Avoidance System.

Breach notification and reporting

  • Full-data capture with data analysis
  • Average daily breaches per machine; trending breaches over time
  • Access to event graph with images time-stamped for Alert and Warning Zone breaches
  • Can filter by Zone type
  • Can sort by type of event: person, fork truck, car, etc.
  • SMS or text messaging alerting available if an event occurs


  • Tracks safety and performance
  • Can identify accident risk areas
  • Identifies the most dangerous hours and days
  • Provides near-miss reporting with location identified and images time-stamped

OmniPro System Options

OmniPro Option_Integration

Level 4 Machine Integration

  • OmniPro® Level 4 Machine Integration provides Collision Avoidance System functionality by, for example, slowing the machine (Yellow Zone Alert) or deactivating the accelerator pedal (Red Zone Alert).
  • Can create speed zones throughout a operation, including busy intersections, roadway crossings, maintenance areas and zones with a high likelihood of incidents
OmniPro Mining_Monitor

In-Cab Monitor

  • The OmniPro in-cab monitor provides the operator with an additional visual cue for zone breaches. It can support up to four camera feeds simultaneously.
  • The video feed automatically switches to whichever device has a zone breach
  • Provides back-up camera support
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OmniPro Vision AI works in a variety of industries, including: Material Handling/Logistics, Mines, Quarries, Construction, Recycling, Tunnels, Airports and Public Works. OmniPro can be installed on any type of mobile equipment - electric or IC driven.

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OmniPro Vision AI is great for blind spot coverage
on large mining or construction vehicles.