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Matrix Design Australia-New Zealand is dedicated to making mining and industrial workers operate more safely without reducing operational productivity.

Matrix has been in the proximity detection/collision avoidance business since 2008 when we introduced IntelliZone® to the underground coal mining world. Since then, we have worked with our customers to continually improved these products. Matrix systems are know for precise alert zones and minimised nuisance alerts. Excellent customer service and field support are what separates Matrix from similar offerings.

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IntelliZone® Proximity Detection System
for Underground Mines

    IntelliZone® is a user-friendly proximity detection system that creates shaped and dynamic shutdown/caution/ operator zones to enhance miner safety while maintaining productivity.
  • IECEx-certified for underground coal in Australia and Queensland since 2018 and EMESRT Level 7 & 9 compliant. n
  • Shaped-zone technology minimises nuisance alerts – works on standard or articulating equipment.
  • Continuous miner operator can stand close to the machine and remain in a safe area.
  • Purpose-built for underground mining and can be installed on all mobile equipment.
  • 2021 U.S. NIOSH Safety and Health Technology Innovation Award winner.

OmniPro® Vision AI
Collision Avoidance System

OmniPro® Vision AI’s award-winning Visual Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology helps reduce blindspot pedestrian and vehicle collision incidents with powerful new features. When a one-second error can mean the difference between a near miss and a lost-time injury, you need the most advanced, accurate collision avoidance system working for your team.

  • Fast identification rate and computing system
  • High-speed in-bound image processing rate
  • Optimised for alerting accuracy and minmised nuisance alerts
  • Custom zone set-ups to match the operating environment
  • Operates up to four cameras
  • Each camera can generate up to five independent alert zones