Light Sensor Enclosure


The IntelliZone Light Sensor Switch allows a CM operator to use their cap lamp beam to turn on or turn off zones or activate IntelliZone’s maintenance mode. It can also be used on haulage vehicles to activate a bypass mode or set a PTO zone on LHDs or Scoops. Hands-free switching allows the operator to continue operating his machine while making needed changes. They simply direct their beam on the Light Sensor Switch to activate or deactivate a function.

The IntelliZone Light Sensor Switch is lumens-programmable, so it can’t be accidentally triggered. It can be set so the beam has to stay on the sensor to be kept activated, or to “flash” the sensor and keep it activated for whatever length of time is needed. It also has an adjustable timer so it can be set to deactivate a function, such as maintenance mode, after a predetermined time.

  • Cap Lamp Beam- Activated Hands-Free Switch
  • Programmable Lumen Activation
  • Constant Beam or Flash Activation
  • Adjustable Timer
  • Rugged XPE-5 Enclosure