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Why Mines Need to Pop to Be Safer

New-tech LED-UV mine lighting UVisionTM delivers 50% brighter light and brings reflective items to life, driving greater safety

As seen in Mining Magazine

In an underground mine, vision is safety. For the first time, LED and safe spectrum UV have been combined to create a revolutionary new lighting system. UVision’s patented technology not only delivers 50% brighter LED lighting, the UV illuminates reflective materials on clothing, helmets, machinery, storage boxes, cables and other marked mine items. Like a black light illuminates fluorescent paint, the UV makes reflective materials POP. This higher visibility can dramatically improve safety potential and allows more time for operator response.

While UVision drives safety, it also provides ease of use. The lights fit current round enclosures, making staff retraining and equipment restocking unnecessary. Moreover, UVision offers all these elements for a price competitive with traditional LED lights.

Better Vision = Fewer Accidents
Many MSHA-documented injuries and fatalities over the last few years have resulted from impaired driver vision. Mines looking to avoid accidents and increase safety are wise to provide the best lighting for their mobile equipment, especially fast-moving vehicles.

Safety is a smart investment. Mines, however, often spend precious resources replacing equipment, supplies and cables because of unnecessary impact or damage. When miners see better and have more time to respond, they can avoid the accidents that cause down-time and decrease productivity. Better lighting drives bottom-line results.

UVision, which can switch from headlight to taillight, is available in XP (explosion-proof) or non-XP. While the lights can fit current enclosures, Matrix also has its own XP enclosures available.

Reflective materials were designed to be seen with standard mine lights, but until UVision, nothing had been developed to make them truly stand out. When an equipment operator comes around a corner, UVision quickly and completely lights up the environment allowing the operator more time to react to any hazard. In mines where safety is a priority, you’ll soon find UVision lighting. It’s safety you can see.

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