Visual Artificial Intelligence Camera System That Requires No Personal Device or Equipment Tag

Optimized for Minimal Nuisance Alerts

OmniPro® is a camera safety system that uses Visual Artificial Intelligence (V.A.I.) to detect people and objects, such as stop signs, within a mobile equipment unit’s projected travel path and alerts the operator of their presence.

OmniPro Front
OmniPro Rear


  • Operates as an independent warning system.
  • No location device or equipment tag required.
  • Optimized for minimal nuisance alerts
  • Records and stores zone breach incidents with photo and time-stamp.
  • Operates as a single-, dual- or three-camera system for a wider coverage area. Each camera has a 120° field-of-view.
  • Plug-and-play design for easy installation, set-up and operation.
  • Programmable alert zones match your operating environment.
  • Rugged design for longer life in high-vibration industrial environments.
  • In two-camera systems, OmniPro will auto-switch to only monitor the vehicle's direction of travel (reduces nuisance warnings).

Detection Menu

Equipment operator can select the detection and option(s) that best match their operating environment.

  • Person
  • Truck
  • Car
  • Forklift
  • Stop Sign
  • Pedestrian Sign
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For Material Handling

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For Mining & Industrial

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