Overwatch is a telemetry driven hardware, software and analytics solution for the monitoring and reporting of truck bed impact force vibration, gyroscopic motions, ambient cab noise and decibel levels experienced by drivers during the process of loading haul trucks.

Overwatch was initially a joint research project between Matrix and GRT Rubber to quantify the benefits of using rubber-lined trucks from a maintenance perspective. A proprietary sensor package was designed and the Matrix Analytics Group developed a data recording an analysis package. The project also revealed a significant reduction of impact and noise for the operator during the loading process.

This product is currently in field testing, with a plan for a finished product roll-out in the next few months.

Contact Matrix for more information or if you are interesting in an Overwatch field test for your hauler operation.

See a Demo at the Haulage & Loading Show in Tucson – Booth 23

2023 Haulage Show

Overwatch Demo at Trade Events

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