Matrix Analytics

Data Analytics and Numerical Modeling That Maximizes Productivity

, Matrix Analytics Group

The Matrix Analytics Group provides expert perspectives based on data analytics and numerical modeling that helps drive optimal decision-making for mining operations.

By combining decades of mining expertise with modern data analytic techniques, Matrix Analytics facilitates discussion that’s aligned with the strategic goals of its clients. Utilizing a model-based approach, Matrix Analytics provides diverse insights into business and operations.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Matrix Analytics’ current focus is hard rock mining in South Africa and select mining operations in the United States.

Traditional Operation Study 

  • Mine and cost modeling
  • Business case modeling
  • Scenario analysis
  • Flexibility, opportunity cost

Management Consulting

  • Acquisitions & mergers
  • Strategy
  • Peer review
  • Market research/competitor analysis

Data Analytics

  • Historical performance
  • Statistical analysis
  • Simulation / “What if” analysis
  • Genetic algorithms


Phone (RSA):  +27 82 576 9061